Who we are
A booking agency for ex-reality TV talent and those looking to get into the
spotlight. Our team of media professionals are dedicated to helping boost
your profile and – most importantly – get you bookings.

At Reality X, we’re different – and proud of it. Specialising in
talent with reality or factual experience, we take a strategic approach to
get you bookings.

Here’s how it goes.

● STEP 1: We review your profile and imagery, identifying strengths and
weaknesses in your personal brand. After the consultation and we think you are a good fit for us and you like the way we do things, we get your profile live on our site and socials.
● STEP 2: Our super sales team seek out bookings – including public
appearances, brand sponsorships and more. Our goal is to get you
socialising and meeting the right people. We also keep you up to date
with TV castings and other paid opportunities via SMS.
● STEP 3: With experience in the fast-paced entertainment media, we
transform you from has-been to headline. Everybody has a story to
tell – and we’ll use it to get you exposure.
● STEP 4: Reality, dating, travel, documentary, shorts… we keep
up-to-date with the latest TV castings, organise auditions and
negotiate contracts.

But I’ve not been on reality TV. Can I still apply?

Yes! We also seek to represent ex-athletes, tabloid figures, documentary
subjects, YouTube stars… well, you get the idea. If you’ve got a
following and want to break into the mainstream, then we want to hear
from you.
I’ve been rejected from reality TV shows. Can you still help?
Absolutely. We’re interested in talking with people who have been
through the casting process before. Our hard-working, talented staff will
build on your experience to get casting opportunities, PAs and interviews
with industry players.
Sound good? Get in touch and let’s chat.